Mark Andrus

How it all began…

It was just over 20 years ago that a passion for cooking and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle inspired me to start a well known pita chip company from a small sandwich cart in downtown Boston.

Today, that passion and commitment burns stronger than ever, and I’m very proud to introduce my Pop Bitties TM brand of “better for you” ancient grain snacks. They are the perfectly delicious snacks that you can truly feel good about munching on. Great for you..and great for our planet!

My new Ancient Grain are the culmination of numerous phases of research and development. My ultimate goal has been to provide the very best tasting, versatile and nutritious whole grain snacks. In response to all the valuable feedback from consumers who have enjoyed my original pop bitties-air popped whole grain sorghum snacks, I am very proud to say I believe I’ve now achieved this goal.

Founder – Mark’s Mindful Munchies

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